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A Short Profile About Sudham Packaging

Sudham Packaging Industries (SPI) Established in 1994, we have started out journey from nation’s industrial hub, Mumbai. Currently we have clients across India and in different corners of the globe. Our products are reckoned for their qualitative superiority, and its durability. We have been catering to different industries like agriculture, cosmetics, chocolate, electronic, food, furniture, and in material handling industry.

The inspiration behind this company is Mr. Dharmesh Thakkar, who with his dedication took the company to a great height. We offer different types of packing materials for different industries. Our range of products used in packing interior trim panel, seed tray, flower tubes, animal containers, wheels hub covers, ski-boxes, truck cab doors, ancillary equipments and many other types of products. Packaging is an inseparable part of business. It ensures the safety of the products form any damage, assures for proper distribution, promote the goods in the market.

Sudham Packaging Company Profile

Our Team

We have a team of workers who are well coordinated in their part of job and have a proper orientation towards their work. They are very much dedicated and their primary goal is to satisfy the client. They have a good knowledge about their work. Skilled, experienced workers are our strength.


Manufacturing of packaging materials is our primary goal, so we try to supply our clients durable, transparent, tamper free materials. Our plastic blister materials are gone through proper vacuum forming and cold forming process. We maintain the standard wall thickness of our packing materials.


Our packing materials retains the flavor of the products.

Freshness sustain.

Gorgeous packaging promote the goods.

Eco-friendly materials.

Exhaust the air properly.

Transparent Tamper Free.


Min. Forming Area 250 x 250mm · Max. Forming Area 910 x 1220mm Max. Height 380mm

The main reasons to go for vacuum forming route are:

Simple processing

Practical Unlimited design possibilities

Lower Tooling Cost

Cost Effective

Eye Appealing

Multiple Color matches possible

Can be designed as a reuseable packaging.

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